Thank you Drew Tilton for lovingly helping me edit my baby (this book) and making the manuscript shine. You are my brother in Christ and an ally in creativity.

Rachel Joy Baribeau, Author of RELENTLESS JOY

RELENTLESS JOY by Rachel Joy Baribeau (Baker Books)

Drew Tilton served publisher, Baker Books, and author, Rachel Joy Baribeau, in developmentally editing Rachel's book RELENTLESS JOY. In her book, Rachel "reveals how anyone can transform pessimism into power and turn cynicism into solutions."
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Uncharted—Inés Franklin

Drew served as theological editor for Uncharted: Navegating Your Unique Journey of Faith on behalf of author and pastor, Inés Franklin. Uncharted explores how "active surrender leads to a thriving faith that gives us the courage to take risks and be open to the unknown as we pursue our God-given purpose."

Senior Editorial Director — Trochia Ministries

Drew actively serves as the Senior Editorial Director of online, education-focused 501(C)(3) organization, leading and coaching teams of creative contributors in delivering exceptional digital products.

Best decision I made was to engage Drew and Asio Creative... I couldn’t have done this without Drew’s wisdom and guidance in story telling and his expertise in editing and the publishing process.

Janice Munemitsu, Author of THE KINDNESS OF COLOR

The Kindness of Color—Janice Munemitsu

Drew Tilton developmentally edited and line edited THE KINDNESS OF COLOR for author Janice Munemitsu and projected managed her self-publishing vision. THE KINDNESS OF COLOR explores the story of two families and Mendez, et al. v. Westminster, the 1947 desegregation of California public schools.
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Boundless—Tasha Layton

Drew wrote and developed Boundless: A Guided Prayer Journal to Move Freedom From Your Head to Your Heart for author and Christian recording artist Tasha Layton. Boundless is meant to facilitate the process of time-tested practices of healing prayer to move freedom from your head to your heart. Check out the images below!

Boundless with Tasha Layton (Limited Series)

Drew worked as the head writer for the limited series Boundless with Tasha Layton helping to map and script the various elements of the show.

Projects for HarperCollins

The Ultimate Assist—Greg Nared

Drew Tilton wrote THE ULTIMATE ASSIST for author Greg Nared and project managed his self-publishing vision. In THE ULTIMATE ASSIST: HELPING OUR KIDS SUCCEED IN SPORTS AND LIFE, Greg Nared equips parents to support their child's pursuit of athletic success, while also teaching the art of leveraging the youth sports experience to develop healthy, successful, and socially responsible individuals.
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Drew Tilton of Asio Creative, there is no question in my mind that God ordained our collaboration... Anyone looking to self-publish, ever, needs a Drew in her corner!

Stephanie Mack, Author of WHEN WE BLINKED

When We Blinked — Stephanie Mack

Drew Tilton served as Stephanie Mack's project manager, guiding her self-publishing vision for WHEN WE BLINKED to fruition by overseeing a team of talented editors, graphic designers, and web designers. When We Blinked, the debut novel by Stephanie Mack, provides a timely, unforgettable portrait of modern love—the mistakes that shape us, the ties that bind us, and the grace that can make us new.
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The Courage to Be Weak is now available in paperback and ebook on Amazon!

The Courage to Be Weak

Drew Tilton served as the Developmental Editor, Creative Director, and Project Manager of The Courage to Be Weak by Joe Storr, where Joe asks the important question, "what if a key to unlocking your God-given manhood lies in the prayerful and courageous embrace of your weakness?" The Courage to be Weak is now available on Amazon.
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"In Drew and the Asio team, I found true partners for my project. Each of them believed in my book, owned their roles, and brought so much energy and creativity to the vision, editing, and design process. I was shocked and excited by the quality of the product!"

—Joe Storr, Author of THE COURAGE TO BE WEAK

Fundamentals of Marriage Workbook

Drew Tilton served as the developmental editor for The Fundamentals of Marriage, a workbook offering 8 Essential Practices of Successful Couples that serve as the groundwork for managing marriage and expectations God’s way.
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"We’ve been trying to start our project for literally 10 years. We interviewed several companies and chose Asio due to their values, portfolio, consistency, ability to understand our vision, and make it a reality. Drew and his team are easy to work with, listen, communicate well, and go above & beyond to keep you encouraged until the finish line."

—Danielle Taylor, Speaker & Cofounder of Marriage on Deck

Marriage on Deck Web Show: Marriage Round Table

This pilot episode of Marriage on Deck: Marriage Roundtable was Produced, Directed, and Edited by Drew Tilton in partnership with Howard and Danielle Taylor. You can now watch new episodes on Christian Television Network (CTN) every Thursday and online at Their creative partner and talented videographer on this project was Anthony Soza (
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Rooted Essentials

Drew Tilton was the primary writer and helped to create Rooted Essentials, a workbook written and designed for students as an extension of the Rooted Network.

Space Camp VBS

Drew Tilton produced, wrote, directed, and edited Space Camp VBS, 5 days worth of VBS teaching videos. It is now available for purchase on A Trailer and Sample are below.

"The whole project would not have happened without the writing, project management, and constant pushing forward of Drew Tilton. More than anyone else, he is the heart behind this project."


Sustainable Spirituality by Todd Rodarmel Available on Amazon Today!

Video Production

Drew Tilton Produced, Directed, and Edited all of the videos below. 

His creative partner and talented videographer on these projects was Anthony Soza (

Teaching Samples